Who We Are

We’re a PR & Marketing Agency specializing in media relations, product launches, event production, digital marketing, social media, and more. We’re your one-stop creative production powerhouse, elevating brands to success.

Elena Vasilevsky CEO Founder

Meet Elena Vasilevsky, the CEO and Founder of INLOVE Magazine. Elena’s journey is a testament to her passion for marketing, entrepreneurship, and pioneering brand excellence. Armed with a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she’s emerged as a true visionary and creative trailblazer.

Elena’s unwavering drive and tireless work ethic have catalyzed the phenomenal growth of INLOVE Magazine, a versatile and influential lifestyle publication that sparks inspiration, fosters connections, elevates perspectives, and sets trends. This flourishing media platform gave birth to our esteemed PR Agency.

As social media marketing aficionados, we infuse every project with boundless creativity and a cutting-edge business acumen. Our mission is to make consumers and businesses alike fall in love with exceptional experiences, products, and services. Through ingenious marketing strategies and a digital approach, we uncover the authentic essence of each brand, delivering priceless results to our cherished clients.

At INLOVE PR Agency, we’re all about forging profound connections. With unwavering dedication, an innovative spirit, and a unique vision, we don’t just build brands – we propel them to global stardom.



We’re the powerhouse behind your brand’s triumph. INLOVE excels in media relations, product launches, digital marketing, social media, event production, sponsorships, viral campaigns, consumer promotions, creative targeting, B2B marketing, and influencer partnerships. Your success is our mission.

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